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Commercial Structures

Log or Timber Frame construction makes durable, beautiful commercial buildings.

Magnolia Log & Timber Homes Offers Log and Timber Frame Commercial Structures


When it comes to Commercial Real Estate, business owners are looking for four main things: great location, cost effective buildings, a design that will stand out and draw attention to them and promote their brand and finally a building that will last.

“Some business owners are looking for alternatives to steel building construction and are looking for a  warmer and more approachable alternative,” says Magnolia Log & Timber Homes co-owner Tawana Basham. “Timber Construction or Log Home Construction offers business owners options for outstanding designs that draw customers to the warmer feel of the structure itself.”

Tawana says that not only do you have unlimited design capabilities, you can have any finish that meets your needs, and you have a faster construction time than normal stick build facilities.

“You have a design that not only looks great on the outside to get the attention you desire, but also an interior that can be designed to fit your needs and your customer needs,” co-owner Russell Basham pointed out. “You also have a distinctive interior that invites return visits and promotes people talking about the feel and look of your new business.”

Log or Timber Frame construction are great choices for restaurants, inns, motels, hunting lodges, retreats, retail stores, clubs and more. Below you’ll see some examples Honest Abe Log Homes has created for commercial customers in the past.

So if you want your commercial structure to stand out, want quick turnaround time, need to open as fast as possible and desire a building that will last for years to come and a building that will help your bottom line, call the Bashams at Magnolia Log & Timber Homes. They will help you coordinate the design and construction of your new building, be it log, timber frame or a combination of materials. Magnolia Log & Timber Homes serves the North Mississippi region. 

The buildings pictured below are examples of commercial structures, including a mountain lodge, a resort clubhouse, an office building and the construction of a timber frame outdoor market.

Resort Community Building

Mountain Lodge


Construction of Timber Frame Flea Market

Hunting Preserve Lodge

Corporate National Headquarters

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